Sunday, January 23, 2011

When hiring for a "hot" technology

I ran across this article, which outlined a manager's thought process when deciding whether to overpay some entry-level developers due to skills in a particular technology:

When going over the pros and cons of hiring these developers, the author failed to look at the fact that these entry-level developers with skills in mobile technologies are still just entry-level developers.  Many of the skills learned in the course of programming are easily transferable from one medium (web, desktop, mobile, etc.) to another, and these skills are usually best learned through experience.  So what else could the manager have done?

I think this is a perfect opportunity for the company to hire temporary workers.  These workers could be paid relatively large amounts of money without needing to worry about having over-paid employees on the payroll when the supply for mobile developers catches up with demand.  This has the added bonus of making the salaries more justifiable to existing employees, since it is reasonable to pay your current employees less salary in exchange for more stability.

What other options do you see available?

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